My Work

The Backpack Secrets offer on an iPad

Student Search Landing Page

Concepted new, mobile-first approach to student recruitment landing pages.

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The trip planning tool being viewed on an iPhone

Retargeting Landing Page

Planned and developed dynamic landing page for retargeting campaigns.

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The trip planning tool being viewed on an iPhone

College Trip Planning Quiz

Interactive quiz to help potential university students plan a fun trip to campus.

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Students and professor working in an art studio

College Application

Special, streamlined application experience for exceptional applicants to an art and design school.

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The Beacon Tree logo on a soft watercolor background

Beacon Tree Foundation

Branding, website and custom Wordpress CMS for a Richmond, VA non-profit organization.

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About Me

I currently lead the web design team at a strategic marketing firm that serves colleges and universities across the country. In that role, I provide direction, training and mentorship for a group of about twenty web designers. And I still roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty with my own projects as well.

I consider myself a generalist (some call us “unicorns”), meaning that I do it all. I design and I code. I also wireframe user experiences, brainstorm strategy and dabble with content. Basically, I love every part of the creative process that goes into making a web experience.

That's me!